Hey 8th Sinners!  We just want to thank you so much for listening week after week.  We’re having so much fun doing this podcast! We leave little to the imagination on our show, but we thought we’d share a little more about our own personal stories so you can get to know us a little better.

I grew up 30 minutes west of Milwaukee.  I was raised by really awesome parents who loved me so hard that I needed to get away! So what does a girlie girl do when she has strict parents?  If you said join the Army, you’d be correct.

I joined the Army National Guard and as insane as it sounds, I was a mechanic.😂 Yes, I can change your oil. I also went to college for a short time and majored in music. (You know you love my awesome singing skills.) I come from a long line of musicians.  My Grandma was actually a professional Opera Singer.  But truth be told, I have pretty bad stage fright. I got deployed for a year, (Ft. MCCoy in Wisconsin. No where scary.) and that’s when I decided that I wanted to become a hair stylist and make-up artist.

I love making people feel good about themselves.  Plus, I have the skills to cover my DAMN GRAY hair every 3 weeks!🤬 I’ve been doing hair now for 15 years. (No, I won’t tell you where I work!  We’re doing a murder podcast here people!)

I’ve been married for 7 years to a man you could only dream up.  I know that’s really annoying but it’s true. He cooks, he cleans, he surfs, he travels, and he treats me like gold!  We have ups and downs like any marriage.  But, if you can’t laugh together after throwing hot cookies at you mans back in a fit of rage then what are you doing?
I have two babies 14 months apart who make me laugh my ass off on the daily.  They also make me want to pull my hair out sometimes, but that’s motherhood!

I love true crime, pizza, traveling, short-haired dogs, working out, and using emojis❤️