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The 8th Sin is a true crime podcast hosted by MTV’s Melinda Collins and professional movie extra, Sara Holzem. Melinda and Sara share hilarious stories about celebrity run-ins, Melinda’s experience on ‘The Real World’, and Sara’s time in the Army. Just when you go to pour yourself another glass of wine, they turn the lights down low and discuss shocking true crime stories and which of the 7 deadly sins contributed to it.

As an added bonus, Sara and Melinda now have a mini episode series called, ‘Sinister Saturday’. They share ridiculous true crime stories that will have you laughing your ass off.



See Melinda live in Chicago

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🎟Few tickets left at www.ChallengeManiaCHI.com Saturday, February 9th at the Chicago Improv 1pm M&G 3pm Live Show Guests: Wes, Nany, Melinda & Tori Hall

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"Funny as hell! These two will keep you on the edge of your seat and highly entertained."

- Amanda S.

"Great Podcast! One episode and you'll be hooked!"

- Sean B.

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